Can you survive for more than 2 minutes in this fast paced, retro multiplayer shoot-em-up? Fly through space and kill everything in sight, but don't let them get you first! Play against up to 30 people from around the world.

How to Play

Use the W key to thrust forward. Use the A,D keys to turn. Use the mouse button to fire.

Alternately, you can use Z,X to turn left,right and comma,period to thrust and fire. These keys are laid out more like the buttons on the old Asteroids arcade game.

On mobile devices, you will have touch controls similar to the buttons in Asteroids. You can fire non-stop by touching the Fire button and sliding your finger up and off the button. Strategy

- Score 1 point for each Photon that hits an opponent, and 10 points for killing an opponent.

- A collision between two players will kill the player with the weaker shield, or kill both players if their shield is about equal.

- Asteroids are your friend (just don't crash into them). By repeatedly shooting an asteroid, you can replenish your shield. Do this before you go into combat with other players.

- Shooting an asteroid enough times will change it's direction of movement too. Good for trying to make asteroids collide with other players as they fight amongst themselves.

- Kill everyone in sight. Your main goal is to survive for at least 2 minutes and gain 100 points before everyone else. Don't let them beat you to the goal!


- You get achievements for survival time, number of kills, and a number of other things.

- Try getting the TWO MINUTE SURVIVOR achievement. It's harder than it sounds! Even harder is the ONE HUNDRED POINTS achievement!

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